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Category: Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Techniques, Recovery, and Results

Posted January 14, 2019

Many patients who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their nose look into rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, to help restore their confidence and enhance their facial profile. While rhinoplasty is an excellent option that can provide you with a more balanced and harmonious appearance, there are many factors that can affect the way the procedure […]

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Pre-operative Instructions for Rhinoplasty Patients

Posted May 27, 2014

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure designed to change the shape or size of the nose and bring it into improved harmony with surrounding facial features. It can also be performed to improve breathing and correct congenital abnormalities or injuries caused by trauma. Whatever the reason a patient seeks to undergo rhinoplasty, he or she […]

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Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty Technique

Posted November 28, 2013

For many people, rhinoplasty is a great way to enhance the appearance of the nose, achieve a harmonious balance in facial features, and improve self-confidence. At her practice in the San Francisco area, experienced plastic surgeon Kimberly Henry delivers beautiful results with two common rhinoplasty techniques. The Basics of Nose Surgery Every cosmetic nose surgery is customized […]

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What Are the Costs of Rhinoplasty?

Posted July 23, 2013

The nose is the central facial feature and, as such, plays a dramatic role in our overall appearance. The bad news is that this means a nose that is disproportionate to other facial features or one that has even slight cosmetic flaws can drastically alter the appearance. However, the good news is that even the […]

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Posted November 13, 2012

San Francisco plastic surgeon Kimberly Henry offers rhinoplasty to her patients who desire to transform their appearance. Rhinoplasty is among the most transformative of all plastic surgery procedures offered today. Indeed, rhinoplasty allows patients who are dissatisfied with the size, shape, or other elements of their noses to achieve changes that range from subtle to […]

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Plastic Surgery Procedures Eligible for Insurance Coverage

Posted August 13, 2012

At the practice of San Francisco plastic surgeon Kimberly Henry, we receive a lot of inquiries regarding whether the cost of the procedures we offer can be covered, in part or in full, by insurance. In most cases, unfortunately, the answer is a definitive “no.” Most insurance companies do not cover any surgery that is […]

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Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Teens

Posted May 15, 2012

The physical and emotional changes that the teenage body goes through can be quite difficult to endure. Ears that stick out and a nose that is too prominent are just two of the physical flaws that affect many teens. Physical flaws, especially for teens, can be incredibly upsetting. It seems that today, more than ever […]

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Male Plastic Surgery

Posted April 30, 2012

Today, more than ever before, men are turning to plastic surgery to enhance and revitalize their contours. Men from their twenties and even into their senior years wish to maintain and improve upon their masculine physiques. With the assistance of San Francisco plastic surgeon Kimberly Henry, you can look as good as you feel. Whether […]

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Reasons for Revision Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Posted November 15, 2011

One of the most popular and effective surgeries for enhancing the overall appearance of the face is the rhinoplasty. Just adjusting the size, shape, or contour of the nose can make you look much different given how your facial features all complement each other. Many people visit with a San Francisco plastic surgeon because they […]

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Interested in Rhinoplasty?

Posted June 28, 2010

I am not happy with the shape of my nose, what are my options? There are two options injectables and surgery. Injectables fix low, wide bridges, an over prominent tip, the ‘ski slope’ nose, and a bumpy nose. However, injectables are effective but are not permanent and will only last for a while. Surgery, more […]

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