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Forehead Lift in San Francisco


Forehead Lift Surgery

A Brow Lift Can Eliminate Deep Wrinkles and Restore a More Alert Appearance
Deep creases and forehead lines can make patients appear tired and old.

A brow lift can reduce wrinkles and frown lines to create a more alert and youthful appearance. Dr. Kimberly Henry performs forehead lift surgery in her San Francisco, CA, practice to help patients restore a smoother appearance.

Dr. Kimberly Henry

Dr. Henry is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has decades of experience performing brow lifts with natural-looking results.

What is a Forehead Lift?

As we age, skin loses elasticity and the face can take on a looser appearance. When the forehead begins to droop, patients may look like they are constantly frowning, and the eyebrows may seem to hang down over the eyes. Deep horizontal wrinkles may form on the forehead and a vertical frown line may form between the brows. These elements combined can make patients look like they are constantly unhappy, tired, or irritated.

A forehead lift can correct these issues and restore a tighter, more lifted brow. After the procedure, the eyebrows will appear higher and the deep creases will be eliminated, restoring a more youthful appearance. Since a forehead lift raises the brows, the eyes may appear fuller and less hooded.

A forehead lift can restore a tighter, more lifted brow. After the procedure, the eyebrows will appear higher and the deep creases will be eliminated, restoring a more youthful appearance.


What to Expect from the Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Henry will assess your health and inquire about your medical history. She will also take photos, and discuss your goals for forehead lift surgery. Based on your individual case, Dr. Henry will discuss the results you can realistically expect from this procedure.

During a forehead lift, incisions are made from ear to ear, and the skin of the forehead is lifted and tightened. The incision is usually made well behind the hairline, to minimize the appearance of any scarring. Patients can usually undergo this procedure without the need for general anesthesia. With Dr. Henry, forehead lifts are frequently done on an outpatient basis with only local anesthetic and IV sedation.

After your forehead lift, you will need about two weeks for the incision site to heal. During this time, patients should try to keep their head elevated as much as possible to minimize swelling. Dr. Henry will give you specific instructions on how to care for the incision site, as well as medications and activity restrictions.

Full recovery from a forehead lift may take three to four months and patients can expect to see bruising and swelling for several weeks following surgery. Many patients use cosmetics to cover their bruises after the initial two-week healing period.

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Schedule Your Forehead Lift Consultation with Dr. Henry

If you would like to minimize deep creases from your upper face, a brow lift may be an appropriate cosmetic procedure to consider. Contact us at (415) 924-1313 or visit us online to make an appointment at our San Francisco, Davis, Greenbrae, or Petaluma offices.

Dr. Kimberly Henry offers forehead lift surgery with aesthetically appealing results. Contact Dr. Henry today to schedule a consultation.

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