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Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

Elegance Defined: Combining Professional Skin Care with Facial Plastic Surgery

Posted July 18, 2016

Facial plastic surgery can be a true blessing for people who want to turn back the hands of time five to ten years and recapture a more vibrant, youthful appearance. Especially when facial plastic surgery procedures are performed by a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon with a keen aesthetic eye such as Dr. Kimberly Henry, patients emerge […]

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What Is Jaw Enlargement Surgery?

Posted February 16, 2016

A chiseled, defined jaw line is the envy of many men and women. Squared jaws look masculine while a slender jaw line can enhance a woman’s feminine appearance. When the jaw lacks definition, it can leave the face looking unbalanced, impacting self-esteem. Facial plastic surgery procedures, like jaw enlargement surgery, can help improve the confidence of […]

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Preparing For Your Facelift Can Speed Recovery Time

Posted June 16, 2015

A facelift can give you a younger, more alert, and overall rejuvenated look. If you are preparing for this procedure, you may be a bit concerned about preparation and recovery. Fortunately, prepping for your facelift is fairly easy. By following a few basic instructions, you can help to ensure fast healing with minimal discomfort and negligible […]

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Plastic Surgery in Your 60’s: Looking Your Best Later in Life

Posted May 26, 2015

Dr. Kimberly Henry is a leader when it comes to plastic surgery and cosmetic skin care in the greater San Francisco area. She offers advanced facial plastic surgery for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging needs as well as the other options for aesthetic enhancement. There are no age limits when it comes to improving your appearance, […]

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Revitalizing Your Appearance in Your 50’s

Posted April 27, 2015

Most people wish that there was a magic potion that could keep them looking and feeling youthful. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula that can prevent aging. In fact, aging of one’s physical features is not only unavoidable, but it often happens much sooner than people imagine. Once patients reach their 50s, they look older […]

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The Benefits of Facelift: Why You Should Undergo Facial Plastic Surgery

Posted January 20, 2015

Many people in and around the San Francisco area meet with Dr. Kimberly Henry because of the excellent care she provides as a plastic surgeon. A number of these patients seek her help to reduce wrinkles and look their youngest. A facelift is an ideal option for removing wrinkles and smoothing out the skin, and […]

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Lower Eyelid Surgery for Puffy Under Eye Circles

Posted December 26, 2014

When puffy circles or bags form under your eyes, it can lead to a number of issues with your appearance. For one, puffy or baggy lower eyelids will make you look tired, which has a negative impact on your appearance. In addition, bags under the eyes can make you look much older than you actually […]

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The Causes of Smoker’s Lines and How Cosmetic Surgeons Can Treat Them

Posted May 27, 2014

If you want to look your youngest, it’s important that you consider all of your options for advanced facial rejuvenation. Surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures can work wonders for you, and a skilled plastic surgeon can help you look your absolute best using either of these two methods for rejuvenation and enhancement. Right now, we […]

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Recovering from Facelift Surgery

Posted August 28, 2013

The overall appearance of your face can be marred by lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Even just a few wrinkles can make you look much older than you really are. Thankfully these matters can be addressed by meeting with a skilled plastic surgeon. When it comes to anti-aging care and the face, one of the sure […]

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Best Treatments for the Brow

Posted June 05, 2013

Wrinkles and sagging skin can really take their toll on your appearance. This is especially true when it comes to the face. Just a few problematic wrinkles can leave you looking years older than your really are or than you feel. It’s for those reasons that meeting with a San Francisco plastic surgeon can be […]

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Chin Reduction Surgery

Posted September 02, 2012

Having a strong, well-defined chin can give you a distinctive look. Having a chin that’s too prominent can be a problem, however. A large chin can draw all attention to the lower part of your face, and may leave you feeling self-conscious. That’s where a San Francisco plastic surgeon can be a big help. Using […]

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Types of Lip Augmentation

Posted January 12, 2012

Patients that desire fuller lips have more choices available to them than ever before. In the past, patients had to rely on make-up and lip plumping products to make the lips look larger. At the practice of Kimberly Henry, MD, our San Francisco plastic surgery patients can undergo tissue grafting or dermal filler injections to […]

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