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Chin Reduction Surgery

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woman starring at computerHaving a strong, well-defined chin can give you a distinctive look. Having a chin that’s too prominent can be a problem, however. A large chin can draw all attention to the lower part of your face, and may leave you feeling self-conscious. That’s where a San Francisco plastic surgeon can be a big help. Using safe surgical techniques, a chin reduction can be performed and make a dramatic difference to your appearance.

What is chin reduction surgery?

A chin reduction is a facial plastic surgery procedure that involves the adjustment of the chin’s size and shape. Rather than adjusting the skin and soft tissue of the lower face, the chin reduction surgery will target the actual bone structures of the chin.

Best Candidates for Chin Reduction Surgery

When you stop by our Bay Area plastic surgery center, we’ll perform a full examination in order to determine if a chin reduction surgery is right for you. In general, candidates for surgery are people who are in good health and do not have any major health conditions that would cause surgery to be a risky proposition.

How Chin Reduction Surgery is Performed

During a chin reduction surgery, the patient is usually placed under general anesthetic to eliminate the possibility of pain and undue discomfort. This is common with most facial plastic surgery procedures. An incision is usually made inside the lower lip at the juncture with the lower row of teeth. Through this incision, the bone structure of the chin is accessed. The bone of the chin will be carefully shaved and reshaped. Sutures are placed once the appropriate amount of adjustments have been made.

Recovering from Chin Reduction Surgery

While recovering from chin reduction surgery, a certain amount of fatigue and discomfort is common. This can be managed by pain relievers. It’s important that patients get a lot of rest early on and that they avoid any strenuous physical activities. A follow-up visit will be planned roughly one week after the surgery has been performed. If you notice any extreme pain or discomfort in the first few days of recovery, be sure to contact our cosmetic surgeon in the Bay Area so the matter can be addressed as soon as possible.

Other Options for Facial Contouring

Sometimes patients come in asking for a chin reduction surgery when what they really want is a lower facelift or a neck lift. These two facial rejuvenation surgeries are able to reduce the prominence of the jowls and remove excess skin from the neck area. Sometimes all that is required to achieve proper facial contouring is San Francisco liposuction. When you stop by the office, we can look into this and many other options for effective treatment.

Learn More About Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

If you would like more information about your many different options for facial rejuvenation, we encourage you to contact our Bay Area and Northern California plastic surgery centers today. The entire team here looks forward to seeing you in person and helping you make the best decision about your aesthetic treatment options.

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