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Breast Augmentation Testimonials

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Henry and her staff for a wonderful experience. Dr. Henry is amazing and enormously talented- a truly gifted artist indeed! She treats her patients with dignity and respect. I have had two procedures done-breast augmentation and body contouring- and am thrilled with the results. If I ever need any cosmetic procedure in the future I will, without a doubt, choose Dr. Henry. Thanks again Dr. Henry!

~Ana S.

I just got my breast implants done. They look great! Dr. Henry made my breast beautiful. Before I got the surgery I was very unhappy with my breast, especially after having two kids. My self-esteem was very low and since I came to Dr. Henry and her do my surgery my breast look fantastic and I am very confident with my body. Dr. Henry and the staff were great, I highly recommend those who are seeking surgery to come see Dr. Henry. She’s changed my life. Thank you Dr. Henry!!!


The way I found Dr. Henry was in an ad in the Sacramento Cheesecake factory, of all places. I couldn’t help but laugh because I felt it was calling to me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at first but I wanted to stop looking so tired. I do not feel old and was tired of looking it. I am not ready for a full face lift but wanted to “test it out” I did a fat transfer to the face and am very pleased with my results. I did a lot of research prior to my procedure. I discussed issues and needs with other offices but chose Dr. Henry. I believe that Dr. Henry’s pictures are an excellent marketing I am very pleased with my results. Everyone was very professional and clear. I really enjoyed how the nurse relaxed me during the procedure.


I had a great experience with Dr. Henry. I had a full tummy tuck with no complications at all. The results are great, so great that I am going to have another procedure done with Dr. Henry in a few months. She and her staff are very informative and professional.


Dr. Henry has done a few procedures on me-breast enhancement and also a rhinoplasty. She has always done an amazing job. I love my nose. My experience has always been great when dealing with her and her staff!


Recently (7/31/09) we recieved an email from a patient that has allowed us to share her story with you.

For years I have considered breast augmentation and felt that for me, now was the time to do it.  I met with a few doctors but loved the staff & Dr. Kimberly Henry so made my decision and went with it.

Personally I am upset with myself that I waited so long and did not do this sooner.

She is amazing at what she does as far as results, listening to your wants and providing the best results I have ever seen would recommend her to everyone I know.

The process was so simple on my end that basically I fell asleep & woke up with exactly what I wanted.  The first 5 days I rested and basically slept a lot as my body needed it.  The amazing thing to me was that I felt NO pain whatsoever!  I know everyone is different so I cannot guarantee that part for anyone else but for me I could do it again & again!!!  I also had a breast lift at the time of the augmentation and went from a B to a full C and for my size I believe this was the perfect choice.

My self-esteem and confidence, in a matter of maybe two weeks, has gone through the roof. I feel 100% complete now as a woman. For the first time in my life, I feel absolutely sexy and vivacious. I have always been a very petite woman and very self-conscience about my weight. When I see myself I actually feel thinner with the extra help I have received up top =)…. I decided to go with silicone but truly believe the staff & Dr. Kimberly Henry are the best you could ever ask for!!!

~Vikki F.

Thank you for your kind words Vikki. You deserve all the joy you are feeling

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