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Breast Augmentation Techniques: The Inframammary Incision

Posted in Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgery

Woman in white bra looking downBreast augmentation is one of the most customizable procedures in all of plastic surgery. Women who undergo breast augmentation have control over many aspects of the procedure, including the size, shape, and texture of the breast implant and where the implant is placed. They can even choose the type of incision through which the implant is placed, which will in turn determine the location, size, and visibility of the resulting scar.

While some scarring is inevitable with any form of invasive surgery, modern breast augmentation techniques allow for the smallest, most discreet incisions possible. Renowned plastic surgeon Kimberly A. Henry uses the most advanced of these techniques, including the inframammary breast augmentation incision, at her San Francisco practice. The inframammary breast augmentation incision technique has become highly popular among patients who wish to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results with the least amount of visible scarring possible.

If you are interested in learning more about your breast augmentation options, including the inframammary incision technique, Dr. Henry would be pleased to explain them to you in detail during a confidential, one-on-one consultation at her state-of-the-art plastic surgery practice. Simply contact our office today, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is the inframammary breast augmentation incision technique?

“Infra” means “below,” while “mammary” refers to the breasts. The inframammary incision is therefore made directly below the breast, in the crease where the lower part of the breast comes into the contact with the skin of the chest. Dr. Henry inserts the breast implant through this incision into a pocket she creates in the breast.

What are the benefits and risks of the inframammary incision technique?

The primary benefit of the inframammary breast augmentation incision technique is that the resulting scar will be hidden in the natural crease of the breast, where it will be difficult to detect, especially when it is obscured by the breast, itself. The scar will not be visible when the patient is wearing a bikini top or bra, and will only be visible upon close inspection when the patient is topless.

Another important benefit of this incision technique is that it gives Dr. Henry greater control over the placement of the implant due to the proximity of the incision to the breast. She is also able to make a relatively long incision without leaving a particularly visible scar, which allows her to place pre-filled silicone gel breast implants with ease.

One potential risk associated with this incision technique is that it could preclude future enlargement of the breasts, as such enlargement could cause the incision to move upward on the breast.

Women with smaller breasts may not be good candidates for the inframammary breast augmentation incision technique as they may lack a distinct crease beneath their breasts.

Learn More about the Inframammary Breast Augmentation Incision Technique

To learn more about the inframammary breast augmentation incision technique, or to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your breast augmentation options with Dr. Henry, please contact our plastic surgery practice today.

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