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What to Expect During Your Thigh Lift Recovery

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Woman in white dress sitting down with one leg bentIf you have sagging skin on your upper legs, especially after significant weight loss, you may be considering a thigh lift. This highly personalized treatment can be a great way to tighten and tone your legs, enhancing your overall figure. However, like many patients, you may be worried about the recovery process. Thigh lifts are extensive procedures, but with proper care, you can minimize discomfort and speed your healing time. Before you even begin to plan your treatment, Dr. Henry will explain what you can expect following your thigh lift. She will also provide follow-ups and complete guidance during the healing process. To learn more about thigh lift recovery, contact our San Francisco practice today.

What Is a Thigh Lift?

With a thigh lift, Dr. Henry can raise damaged muscles and remove excess skin on your upper legs. Many times, damaged tissues can be the result of significant weight loss. The extra pounds may have stretched your skin and muscles. Now that you are at a healthier weight, your skin does not conform to your body’s new size and shape. In other cases, your drooping skin may simply be the result of aging and gravity.

The thigh lift procedure varies from patient to patient. There are several types of thigh lifts, depending on your goals for treatment. An inner thigh lift will involve a small incision from your groin to buttocks. To perform an outer thigh lift, Dr. Henry will create an incision from the top of your leg around your hip and rear. She may suggest an alternate technique if you desire less dramatic results.

Thigh Lift Recovery Time

It will typically be about three months before you see the final results of your thigh lift. However, with proper precautions, you should be able to enjoy a full and active lifestyle long before this time. Still, you should plan to take at least two to three weeks off from work, and you should refrain from driving during the initial recovery period. It will be about six to eight weeks before you can return to your normal exercise routine. The exact recovery timeline varies for each patient. If you have a more conservative procedure, you may heal more quickly than someone who had a full outer thigh lift, for example. Dr. Henry will guide you as you resume your regular activities. It is important to follow her instructions if you want to enjoy optimal cosmetic results.

Guidelines for Your Recovery

In addition to getting plenty of rest, there are several things you can do to ensure your comfort and faster healing. First, you should wear your compression garment, which we will provide following your surgery. This will promote healing and give your skin a firm, contoured look. You should also stop smoking and taking certain medications, as these can slow the natural healing process. Dr. Henry will review your medications in advance, making changes to your normal prescriptions, if needed.

It is important to note that a thigh lift will leave some scarring, although you can cover up most scars under clothes and even swimwear. There are also several things you can do to reduce the appearance of scars. First, be sure to use sunscreen every time you go outside. You should choose products with an SPF of at least 15, although stronger protection is better. Second, you can use topical creams, gels, or silicone sheeting to minimize scars. Again, Dr. Henry can recommend specific products that may be right for you.

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To learn more about thigh lifts and what you can expect during your recovery, contact our office today.

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