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Breast Augmentation Incisional Approaches

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Woman measuring breastsIf you would like to enhance your overall appearance, one of the best ways to accomplish this is enhancing your curves. This might mean giving your bust line a boost when it’s needed. When you discuss these matters with Sacramento area plastic surgeon Dr. Kimberly Henry, she’ll be able to provide you with many details about your options for improving your contours. One particularly popular option is breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Augmentation – Enhancing Curves

Breast enhancement surgery refers to different surgeries that are designed to enhance the overall size, shape, and contours of the breasts. One of the most popular of these surgeries is Sacramento breast augmentation, which we’d like to focus on right now. With breast augmentation surgery, your breasts will look perkier, much fuller, and will better complement your frame overall.

How Breast Augmentation is Performed

During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are place into the breast pocket to improve the size and shape of the breasts. These breast implants can be placed beneath the pectoral muscle or above the pectoral muscle. When you visit our plastic surgery centers serving San Francisco and Sacramento, we’ll be able to discuss what type of breast implant will be best for you and your needs as well as which breast implant surgical technique will be best for you.

Breast Augmentation Incision Techniques

Apart from determining the placement of the breast implant and the type of breast implant to use, one of the most important considerations is the incision site for the surgery. The incision sites will vary based on the type of breast implant that is used and other factors, and each incision method has its pros and cons to consider.

Incisions On and Around the Breasts

The most common breast augmentation incisions are made on and around the breasts. Sometimes incisions are made around the areola, while other times incisions are made on the crease beneath the breast where the breast meets the chest. Even though the incisions are made on the breast itself, the surgical scars will be small and will fade over time.

(If a patient is undergoing a combined breast lift and augmentation, the incisions that are made for the breast lift will be used to place the breast implants.)

Alternate Incision Methods

Though not used for all breast augmentation surgeries, incisions can be hidden in other parts of the body so incisions are not made on the breasts. These incisions are commonly placed in the belly button and in the arm pit. When discussing your surgery with our team, we’ll be sure to discuss your eligibility for these more subtle and hidden breast implants.

Which Incision Method is the Best for Me?

Every patient is different, which is why you’ll need to come into our office for a breast enhancement surgery consultation. Only then can we accurately assess how your needs can best be addressed.

Learn More About Breast Enhancement Surgery

To schedule an appointment at our practice to learn more about breast enhancement surgery, contact our San Francisco Bay Area cosmetic surgery centers today.

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