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Rejuvenate Your Appearance by Treating Nasolabial Folds

Posted in Dermal Fillers, Facelift, Plastic Surgery

Woman holding face looking away from cameraNasolabial folds are facial features that often become more defined with age. Like other signs of aging, nasolabial folds are affected by gravity, environmental exposure, and loss of skin elasticity. These smile lines, which extend from the nose to the mouth, may become more pronounced and are often referred to as marionette lines as the creases deepen. Dr. Kimberly Henry offers plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments that can rejuvenate a patient’s appearance and smooth and soften these deep creases. We offer our San Francisco patients multiple nasolabial folds treatment options that meet the unique needs and desires of each of our patients.

Surgical Treatments

Often, when patients are seeking treatment for nasolabial folds, we will recommend surgical treatment because these procedures offer our patients the most permanent treatment for these deep creases. There are two surgical procedures that are commonly considered as an effective treatment for nasolabial folds: cheek implants and a facelift.

  • Cheek implants: A cheek implant can be placed by Dr. Henry to create a more defined cheek bone for patients. While adding volume to the upper cheeks, cheek implants may also serve to soften the appearance of the upper area of nasolabial folds and create a more balanced facial contour. Cheek implants are primarily recommended to patients with less severe nasolabial creases and those who do not have concerns with loose or sagging skin on other areas of the face.
  • Facelift: A more effective treatment for patients with severe nasolabial folds as well as other facial concerns, a facelift can lift and smooth skin on the mid and lower face to eliminate signs of aging. This allows our patients to address nasolabial folds and other common problem areas of the face and neck with just one procedure. A facelift is ideal for patients who would like to treat nasolabial folds as well as wrinkles, and loose, sagging skin.

Non-surgical Treatment

Although plastic surgery offers our patients the most long-lasting treatment of nasolabial folds, we understand that some patients require only moderate enhancement or are simply looking for a less invasive procedure. We do offer non-surgical treatments for nasolabial folds that can effectively soften the facial features and smooth out nasolabial folds. Dr. Henry offers a range of dermal fillers that can be injected underneath the skin around nasolabial folds. These are liquid injections are inserted with a needle in order to fill in the creases, creating smoother and less defined lines. There are many dermal fillers to consider and Dr. Henry will recommend one that is most appropriate for each patient’s situation. While dermal fillers can create satisfactory results, patients should understand that treatment will need to be repeated in order to maintain these results.

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Whether you are concerned with the appearance of nasolabial folds or have other imperfections that you’d like to correct, Dr. Kimberly Henry can recommend treatment options that will renew your confidence and bring out your natural beauty. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about the many services we provide. Dr. Henry is happy to meet with you personally to discuss your unique goals and desires.

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