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Pre-operative Tummy Tuck Instructions

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doctor talking to patientFor many patients, the tummy is an area of the body that stores unwanted fat cells. While liposuction is an option, most people need more extensive treatment to flatten and tone the tummy. Many of our patients opt for tummy tuck surgery to help sculpt this area and remove excess skin and fat. When patients come to San Francisco plastic surgeon, Kimberly Henry, they can be assured that she has their best interest at heart. Dr. Henry will do her best to ensure successful surgery for her San Francisco patients, including providing them with pre-operative tummy tuck instructions that should prepare the body for surgery.

Pre-operative Instructions

It is important that pre-operative instructions are followed so that tummy tuck surgery will be a successful and safe procedure. This begins at the initial consultation, when it is extremely important for patients to be open and honest with Dr. Henry regarding their health and medical history. The best way to avoid complications from surgery is by ensuring that surgery is only performed on well-suited candidates.

Patients who are able to undergo tummy tuck surgery may need to make some lifestyle changes in the weeks before surgery. This may include:

  • Eliminating the use of aspirin or ibuprofenfor at least two weeks before surgery. These products can thin the blood, which could increase bleeding during surgery and slow the healing process afterwards.
  • Avoiding alcohol, which can compromise the immune system, for two weeks leading up to surgery. This can decrease the chance of infection.
  • Refraining from smokingfor at least two weeks before surgery, and up to six weeks after. Smoking can constrict the blood vessels and may slow down the healing process.
  • Decreasing salt intakebefore surgery to decrease the amount of swelling after surgery
  • Increasing water consumption

In addition to these steps, patients should prepare in advance for the recovery following surgery. This includes filling medical prescriptions and preparing to have a ride home from the procedure as well as help for at least the first 24 hours after surgery. Tummy tuck surgery has a more extensive and uncomfortable recovery time than many other surgical procedures so Dr. Henry recommends her patients arrange to have help for up to three days following tummy tuck surgery.

Enhancing Surgical Results

When the stomach has been sculpted, other problem areas of the body may become more obvious. Often times, Dr. Henry will recommend additional surgical procedures to enhance results of a tummy tuck. For Dr. Henry’s patients in San Francisco, breast augmentation, liposuction, breast lift, and thigh lift are just some of the surgical procedures that can be performed to complement the tummy tuck procedure.

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Dr. Kimberly Henry is dedicated to helping her patients feel confident and beautiful. That is why she meets with each patient to personally discuss their concerns and provide her expert advice on the best treatment available. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Henry to learn more about how plastic surgery can enhance your natural beauty.

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