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How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Posted in Butt Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift Model in ThongThe Brazilian butt lift has increased in popularity over the past decade for good reason. Unlike buttock implants, the Brazilian butt lift is completely natural, using the patient’s own fat to add volume to and improve the contours of the buttocks. It also offers the benefit of truly being two procedures rolled into one. In order to harvest the fat used to inject into the buttocks, liposuction must be performed on an area of the body where unwanted deposits of fat have accumulated. As a result, patients emerge from treatment having undergone two body contouring procedures: one to accentuate the buttocks, and another to refine and tone another area of the body in order to collect fat cells.

As you might imagine, then, the Brazilian butt lift is a fairly intensive procedure. The fat cells withdrawn during the liposuction are not simply then injected into the buttocks. They must be processed and purified before injection in order to optimize their survival rate and ensure the patient’s safety. Both the original liposuction procedure and the subsequent fat transfer procedure also require exceptional skill on the part of the plastic surgeon in terms of her ability to sculpt aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking results. While the vast majority of patients find that the results justify the cost, there is no question that a Brazilian butt lift constitutes a fairly major investment.

In discussing Brazilian butt lift cost during consultations at her San Francisco, CA plastic surgery practice, Dr. Kimberly Henry stresses to patients that, while financial concerns may be important, they should not outweigh other concerns about safety and the experience and skill of the plastic surgeon. The Brazilian butt lift is a serious surgical procedure and, as such, should only be performed by a surgeon with many years of experience and an impressive record of safety, success, and patient satisfaction – all of which Dr. Henry has.

If you are interested in finding out what your Brazilian butt lift would cost, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Henry today.

What Factors Determine the Cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There are many factors that can determine the cost of a Brazilian butt lift. Some of these factors, such as the surgeon’s fee, the cost of anesthesia, and operating room costs, are generally fixed. Others, such as the amount of fat that must be removed via liposuction, processed, and injected into the buttocks, will depend on the individual patient. As a result, it is impossible to estimate the cost of the procedure without meeting the patient face to face.

Methods of Paying for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Because a Brazilian butt lift is considered a strictly cosmetic procedure with no medical necessity associated with it, the vast majority of health insurance policies will not cover it to any degree. However, Dr. Henry understands that paying for such a procedure out of pocket can be an overwhelming expense, which is why she offers a variety of financing plans. Eligible patients can finance their procedures through Alphaeon Credit or CareCredit®, two highly reputable healthcare financing programs that offer excellent low- and even no-interest repayment options.

Learn More about Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

To learn more about the cost of Brazilian butt lift, please contact the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Kimberly Henry today.

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