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Category: FAQ

FAQ, Liposuction, Q&A

Liposuction Surgeon Bay Area

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Unlike many other forms of cosmetic surgery, incorrectly performed liposuction can be incredibly risky. The entire procedure is dangerous if fat is removed in large quantities, and it is usually designed to remove extra fat after exercise and dieting rather than in place of it. If you have been considering liposuction […]

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Breast Lift, FAQ

The “Need to Knows” About Breast Lifts

FAQs – About Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) One of the most common effects of aging that occurs in women is a loosening of proteins and cells in the skin that make it less taught and more prone to the effects of gravity. Because the breasts protrude off the body, it is not uncommon for them […]

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