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Breast Implant Sizes and Profiles

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woman on beach in white bikiniBecause many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, breast augmentation is among the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today. For women desiring to enhance their feminine contours, breast implants may be the ideal solution. Loss of fullness and sagging of the breasts can be quite detrimental to a woman’s self-esteem. Through breast augmentation, a woman’s self-confidence can be revitalized while restoring a perkier, more youthful and shapely appearance to the breasts.

Breast Implant Sizes

The many breast implants sizes available today range from 120cc to 850cc and above. There are many factors to consider when choosing breast implant size, such as body frame, breast width, existing breast volume, skin laxity, and your individual needs and goals. San Francisco plastic surgeon Kimberly Henry will assist you in finding the ideal breast implant size for your unique contours.

The most common reason a woman undergoes revision surgery after breast augmentation is because she is dissatisfied with the size of her breast implants. Breast implant size is a very personal choice, and you should be comfortable and happy with the size of implant that you choose before surgery.

Breast Implant Profiles

There are three types of breast implant profiles: low, moderate, and high. The profile of the breast implant and your unique body contours determine how the breast implant protrudes from the chest. Not every breast implant profile is suitable for every San Francisco breast augmentation patient. While you may like the look of “high profile” breast implants in pictures, this type of profile may not work for your individual contours. Choosing the right breast implant profile can be quite difficult. Your body frame, breast width, and breast tissue are considered when determining the breast implant profile.

  • Low profile: Low profile breast implants can provide a very natural look and have a lower projection than that of moderate and high profile breast implants. This type of profile is most commonly used in women that have a wider body frame. Women who choose a smaller breast implant size may benefit from low profile breast implants.
  • Moderate profile: This profile is the standard breast implant profile used in breast augmentation surgery. Moderate profile breast implants have a full and rounded look. This profile can add a significant amount of dimension and volume to the breasts. For some women, moderate profile breast implants may create a wider appearance to the chest. Women with a medium sized body frame and breast width are usually the ideal candidates for moderate profile breast implants. Moderate profile breast implants may also be used for women with other body frames and breast widths.
  • High profile: High profile breast implants provide more front projection than that of low and moderate profile breast implants. This profile type provides a more full and rounded appearance to the breasts without adding width. Two benefits in high profile breast implants are that rippling of the breast implant and the breast implant itself may be less visible than with other profile types.

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To learn more about the many breast implant sizes and profiles available to our San Francisco breast augmentation patients, please contact Dr. Kimberly Henry today.

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