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For years I considered breast augmentation and felt that for me, now was the time to do it.  I met with a few doctors but loved the staff & Dr. Kimberly Henry so made my decision and went with it. 

Personally I am upset with myself that I waited so long and did not do this sooner. 

She is amazing at what she does as far as results, listening to your wants and providing the best results I have ever seen recommend her to everyone I know. I even hand out her cards to people that ask me about her.

The process was so simple on my end that basically I fell asleep & woke up with exactly what I wanted.  The first 5 days I rested and basically slept a lot as my body needed it.  The amazing thing to me was that I felt NO pain whatsoever!  I know everyone is different so I cannot guarantee that part for anyone else but for me I could do it again & again!!!  I also had a breast lift at the time of the augmentation and went from a B to a full C and for my size I believe this was the perfect choice.

My self-esteem and confidence, in a matter of maybe two weeks, has gone through the roof. I feel 100% complete now as a woman. For the first time in my life, I feel absolutely sexy and vivacious. I have always been a very petite woman and very self-conscience about my weight. When I see myself I actually feel thinner with the extra help I have received up top =)…. I decided to go with silicone but truly believe the staff & Dr. Kimberly Henry are the best you could ever ask for!!!


Dr. Henry was the 4th doctor I had a consultation with for a Breast Augmentation.  I had already decided on another doctor but someone told me I should go see her.  I did mostly just to say I had 4 consultations before choosing my doctor.  After meeting with her I completely changed my mind and realized that she was the one I wanted to do my surgery.  Everyone in the office is extremely nice and friendly.  Prices were very comparative to the other doctors I saw.  This was a big decision and I can say I felt 100% comfortable in her hands!


I cannot begin to share my joy and excitement about my new breast augmentation. I am at 6 months now and I have never felt so good about myself. I thank Dr. henry for giving me this feeling. From the moment I entered her office I knew it was the right place for me. Also, I was very nervous before my procedure and her staff was there at all times to answer my questions. Even the simplest thing as where to get a bra. LOL. I also liked that I couldn’t make it on wed. to come to Greenbrae so they managed to fit me in the day before in Petaluma. Since I live in Novato it isn’t too much farther. I feel like I put all of my trust in Dr. Henry and she gave me everything I had ever hoped for. I love her and her staff and recommend her to all of my friends. When anyone meets her they will know what I am talking about. She is a great plastic surgeon and her work speaks for itself. I’m even in her before and after book now:) Thanks Dr. Henry!


I had some cosmetic surgery performed in the LA area and a couple of days later when I was back home in the SF Bay Area I developed a nasty infection. The surgeon gave me Dr. Henry’s number for a follow up appointment and she saw me right away, drained the infection and prescribed the appropriate meds for me. She called me later that evening to see how I was doing. I’ll also mention here that it was a holiday weekend, a Sunday, and she met me at her office right away since I was in awful pain. She was compassionate and professional. A few of my friends had various procedures performed by her and everyone looks great! I’m talking boobs, butts, lips, microdermabrasion, corrective surgery…. I would be more than happy to go to her again and would feel absolutely terrific to be able to recommend her to others (and have).


I would like to share my very positive experience with Dr. Henry and her staff.  I had a cheek implant surgery performed by a well known doc in the L.A. area only to develop a painful infection less than a week later.  The surgeon gave me Dr. H’s number and after hearing my story of owe, made a plan to meet up with me at her office (which was not open since it was a Sunday and a holiday weekend) right away.  She took care of my problem with care and success and also called me later that evening to check on how I was doing.  I have recommended her to a handful of my friends since and they have been happy with their results and care.  I had a couple of successful procedures done in her office in the late 90’s.  Her staff has always been caring, educated problem solving.


I used to work in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and met at least 300-400 doctors per month. I understand that each doctor has a certain combination of traits that is important for patients. She demonstrates great knowledge of her work and experience. She is personable and has great bedside manner. Her work is impeccable. Whatever criticisms she has undergone, I felt she was right for me. I did like that fact that she was a woman as opposed to a male physician. She understands the aesthetics of why we would want a procedure in the first place. It was well worth the money. If you are going to do something for yourself like this, it’s because you care about your appearance. You need someone who is conscious of that

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