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Q & A with Dr. Henry

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Question: I have deep smile lines on my face. Is a facelift or plastic surgery my only option? Are dermal fillers a possible solution?

Answer: Injectables are a great temporary solution, lasting up to 9 months, but fat Injections are even a better solution and last longer, up to 7 years.

Question: I had septoplasty 2 years ago to help my breathing, which helped. But afterwards i noticed the crookedness was still visible on the outside. I think i was born with the crookedness, but it seems to almost be getting worse with age. Can a doctor just break my nose straight without rhinoplasty.

Answer: There is no way that I know of that would make your nose just the way you want it without surgery. I know the idea of surgery can be daunting but you should talk to a surgeon to see what your options are. There are many types of Rhinoplasty and you can find the perfect one for you.

Question: What does photodynamic therapy mean and how is it used?

Answer: Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a medical treatment that uses a photo sensitizing drug, which means it is activated by light. The result is an activated oxygen molecule that can destroy nearby cells. Precancerous cells and certain types of cancer cells can be treated this way. The procedure is easily performed in a physician’s office or outpatient setting. Its mostly used for removing cancerous cells and is relatively painless.

Question: What’s a good liposuction alternative?
Answer: Liposuction is the only quick sure fire way to get the results you are after, however non surgical ways which are very healthy is hiring a fitness trainer, eating healthy and committing to work hard to get your body the way you want it. This is the best and healthiest way to do it. Some doctors will offer Mesotherapy, do NOT take this. It does not work and is a waste of money.
Question: I have heard of a “one-stitch” lift. Is there really such a thing? Apparently a doctor does a stitch, that lifts the skin a bit, up along the hairline. Is this a good procedure?

Answer: Honnestly, this is a very bad procedure for you. Its cheap and will probobly do more harm than help. If you are worried about cost, consult with your doctor because there are other ways.

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