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February 07, 2012 | 4 minute read


DOS: 2/3/2012

Bilateral Breast Reduction

1. On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate your experience with Dr. Henry and Staff?

I would rate it a 12 out of 5. A+ all the way!

2.  How was your overall experience with Dr. Henry?

The moment I met Dr. Henry I had a great experience.  I highly recommend others to come in and have a procedure done by her.  Dr. Henry’s work speaks for itself.  I found Dr. Henry through the internet and went onto her website.  I looked at her before and after photos, which further reassured me of her talent.  Dr. Henry is one of the warmest and nicest people/doctors I have ever met.  I felt that from the very moment I met her.  She exudes a form of confidence without coming off pushy.  She is the perfect package of professional, with a great show of caring for her patients and an outstanding beside manner.  I work for a medical provider and Dr. Henry exceeded my expectations, which are very high given that I have worked with many doctors.

3.  How was your overall experience with the Staff?

The patient coordinator was very helpful.  When I sent in my email inquiry, she responded the next day.  The total process of my surgery, from the date of my inquiry to my first post-op visit was 2 months long.  December 3rd-February 3.  The whole case management staff was highly professional.  When I arrived at the office the day of surgery, Doug, one of the nurses, was very helpful and professional.  The anesthesiologist was highly competent.  Nicole, the scrub tech and recovery nurse, made it very easy to transition me from recovery, to my daughter’s care and home.  Dr. Henry checked in on me that night, although I was sleeping.  When I awoke the next day, I received Dr. Henry’s voicemail making sure that I was doing okay.  I returned her phone call and stated that she did not need to call me back.  To my surprise, Dr. Henry did phoned me back to check in on me once again.  I have been to all three offices and they are clean, organizes and highly professional.

4.  How is your pain level?

To my surprise, this has been an extremely PAINLESS process.  I am very shocked that I haven’t had to take more then half the amount of pain medication that was prescribed to me by Dr. Henry.

5.  How has your follow up experience been?

I am once again shocked that Dr. Henry wants to see me every week for at least six weeks.  I have never had such detail, caring medical care before.  Dr. Henry always treats me as though she has nothing but all the time in the world to see me, even though I know she is a very busy woman.  The entire staff treats me like that!

6.  Anything else you would like to add?

I really enjoyed the general enthusiasm about  my surgery and how it was positive and how the surgery will positively change my life.  I began to trust in that and now I feel it.  I am the first person in my family to have plastic surgery a and was nervous about taking that first step and I feel as though I couldn’t have chosen a better plastic surgeon.  If there is ever anyway that I can help the doctor, I would be willing to come in and speak about my experiences and surgery.


DOS: 12/26/2011

Tummy Tuck, SmartLipo

I was very surprised with the results of my surgery because I was a size 16 and now I am a size 10 and lost over 30lbs during the surgery.  You can’t do that by working out in a few hours.  The staff was very open and ready to answer any questions when needed.  I have received great, positive feedback from friends and family.  I have two family members who had surgery with Dr. Henry and that shows a level of trust with the doctor.  I had a great experience during recovery.  Dr. Henry had my husband and I stay at a local hotel, so that I could stay the night close by, instead of driving 2 hours post surgery.  Dr. Henry came to the hotel the next morning to personally check on me.  The front office staff and nursing staff were very kind and professional.

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