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Patient Testimonial- Chin Implant & Rhinoplasty

Posted in Chin Implant, Testimonial

Hi Dr. Henry, you probably remember me when you did my surgery for the Rhinoplasty and the chin implant a few years ago.

And Iam the one that sings and I did my 1st album recently and I will send one to you soon ok? But I wanted to take a moment of your time to give you so much thanks for everything you did for me. Iam truly humbled and honored that you are My Doctor and the great change you made in my life is so incredible.

For many years I have hid and been self conscience of my looks and this went on for years, I would say it went on for about 15 years, and then that one day, I decided that enough is enough and I wanted to Finally do something for ME!! And that is the day that I came to you for my 1st consultation and you and your staff made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and you were all so very kind and you explained everything to me in regards to the procedure I wanted to have done.

And on the day of surgery, I was not scared or nervous at all, I know alot of people might feel nervous about going into surgery, but for me I was cool as a cubumber and I was so relaxed becasue I knew that I have The BEST doctor in the World and your staff is fantastic.

The surgery went through just great and I was sent home the same day and on my follow up visits you made sure everything was going right and if you seen a problem or anything, You immeditately took care of it, and for that Iam so grateful and thankful that you went above and beyond to help ME and I never really got to thank you for everything you did for me, and so please allow me to give you a million, zillion thanks, for everything you did for me Dr. Henry.

My life has turned a complete 360′ and Iam no longer the shy and hiding person I once was, Iam still humble and have great respect for everyone and those are traits that were instilled in me by my parents whom I love dearly. But the outer person, the one that everyone see’s now is a person that has changed bigtime, and it all started just a couple years ago when I first came to your office. Dr. Henry, you have made me so happy and you gave my life back to me!!!!!!! How does a person ever thank someone for giving them there life back to them??? My mere words could never fully express my sincere thanks, and gratefulness for what you have done for me. Believe me I know you have studied alot and on one of my visits to your office, I brought my nephew with me, he was 16 at the time and I showed him “your wall” with all your achievements and awards on that wall, and we were so impressed by that, and my nephew was just in awe, and it made a difference in his life too, be!

cause he is now in college and he is studying to become a doctor, he is going to attend UC Davis in 2 years and he wants to become a doctor too, so you see Dr. Henry you even touched a persons schooling as well, thank you for that too.

Dr. Henry, again thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made me so happy and please feel that and know that Iam sincerely honored that I have The Best Doctor in the World!!!

My Doctor!!!

Dr. Henry!!!

With all my love and respect

Sincereley yours

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