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Lip Reduction Surgery

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Young woman smiling at cameraThe keys to facial beauty are proportion and harmony. The various features of the face must complement one another in a balance that is remarkably delicate and fragile. If one element of the face disrupts this balance in even a subtle way, the effect on the overall facial aesthetic can be significant.

While many people desire fuller, more luscious lips, some people have disproportionately thick lips or lips that simply protrude too far, drawing attention away from the other features of the face. Cosmetic lip reduction is a fairly complex procedure in that it requires a finely honed artistic eye and a very light touch on the part of the plastic surgeon. At our San Francisco plastic surgery center, Dr. Kimberly Henry possesses the experience, skill, and eye for aesthetics that are necessary to producing the best possible results for patients in need of lip reduction. She understands the facial anatomy on a level that is rare even among plastic surgeons and can be depended upon to bring the features of the face into perfect harmony, in each and every case.

What Is Lip Reduction Surgery?

At our plastic surgery practice in San Francisco, lip reduction surgery can be performed both for patients with naturally large lips and for those who wish to revise the results of a previous lip augmentation. The procedure is performed while the patient is under a local anesthetic and requires between an hour and two hours. During the procedure, a small portion of tissue is removed from the inside of the lip through a tiny incision, and then the incision is sutured closed. Because the incision is made on the inside of the lip, the resultant scar will not be visible. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and is extremely safe, although some degree of risk is present with any surgical procedure.

Candidacy for Lip Reduction Surgery

Most people with disproportionately large or protruding lips are good candidates for lip reduction surgery. Like otoplasty (ear pinning surgery), lip reduction surgery is often performed on children to help prevent teasing and ridicule. Other candidates include people with naturally thick lips, people with congenitally deformed lips, and people whose lips were disfigured by injury. Lip reduction surgery may also be performed for people who are dissatisfied with the size of their lips after lip augmentation surgery.

At our San Francisco facial plastic surgery practice, Dr. Kimberly Henry meets with each patient to discuss his or her goals for the surgery and to advise them of their options for achieving those goals. Although there are some risks associated with lip reduction surgery, as there are with any surgery, most patients find that the benefits far outweigh those risks.

Contact Dr. Kimberly Henry Today

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips due to their size or shape, Dr. Kimberly Henry can help you achieve the look you desire. For more information about lip reduction surgery or to make an appointment with Dr. Henry, please contact our plastic surgery practice in San Francisco today.

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