Mike - Gynecomastia

Mike's Gynecomostia Testimonial


Gynecomastia surgery performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry helps male patients achieve more masculine chest contours. It usually involves removing excess fatty tissue in the pectoral area. In Mike's gynecomastia testimonial, he relates his surgical experience and why he chose to undergo the procedure.

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MIKE: I had a procedure for gynecomastia. My pecs were never quite the way they were supposed to be even though I’m a trainer and tons of working out. Through all my training stuff I was still never really quite satisfied with what was going on with my chest and just still wasn’t quite right. And whenever I went to like (grunting), I was like well, there’s fatty tissue here. You know, I’m at eight percent body, and it shouldn’t be there. So, then after one of my clients he had the same issue, and he had gone to someone else, and it came out when I saw his. So, I went well, I’m going to talk to Dr. Kim and see what the procedure is and side effects, all that kind of stuff. Seemed like just a go for it thing. So, we did it and definitely changed it big time. You know, the staff was great. Care was great. They call you that afternoon to see how you’re doing, if there’s anything they can do for you.