Body Lift

Complement Your Weight Loss Achivement with a Body Lift


Patients who achieve dramatic weight loss sometimes have excess skin. Dr. Kimberly Henry can perform a body lift after weight loss, removing loose skin and excess tissue while tightening remaining skin. Patients find this helps them enjoy their healthier weight to the fullest.

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DR. HENRY: We do have an issue with obesity. We do, and to be able to, you know, make the stomach smaller, reposition some of the intestines so that people cannot absorb the food that they want to, you know, take in they can lose 50 pounds, 60 pounds, 80 pounds, 150 pounds. We had one person lose 225 pounds. Dramatic, just dramatic. Changes people’s lives. And, they go from this larger to the smaller size. Well, they’re not done yet. They have to, you know, seek the help of a plastic surgeon to sort take the size 24 dress, you know, back down to a size 6 dress, really tailoring the skin and excess tissue from, you know, the face area, the arms, breasts, the stomach, the legs. The calves aren’t usually involved. But, you know, all those different locations have to be taken care of, and these people are ecstatic.