Breast Lift

Custom Breast Lift Surgery


Dr. Kimberly Henry performs custom breast lift procedures. A breast lift firms and reshapes the breasts, and can incorporate implants to enhance size. Dr. Henry also performs breast reduction for patients who wish to reduce the size of their breasts.

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DR. HENRY: Breast lift is an operation for breasts that are droopy. They’re hanging below what we call the infirmary line. So, if you can hold four or five pencils, you need a breast lift. If you just put an implant in it’ll look like an orange in a sock just hanging. And so, the way I describe a lift is are the headlights pointing straight ahead, or are the headlights pointing down to the ground, or are they pointing up to the sky? To do the breast lift we want the headlights pointing straight ahead, the nipple, areola complex pointing straight ahead. And right now we’re doing an operation with what we call the lollipop mastopexy which lifts the breast, nipple, areola complex up into a beautiful location. You have minimal scarring. Just a little incision that goes around the nipple and straight down, kind of like a lollipop. And it just heals beautifully. Has a beautiful shape and result. If you combine that with putting an implant in, if you need it, just a really pretty operation. We have a lot of patients who are very happy with this operation. Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients. They come in and they go, “You know, I am a size like triple whatever, Z, you know, DDD, GF. My back’s killing me. My neck, my shoulders, I feel awful. Fix me. Help me.” And I’ll tell you, they have a big smile on their face when they’re in the recovery room. I got rid of the fullness. Still provide them with a really beautiful, sexy breast ‘cause you don’t want to make anyone too little. Because if you make them too little they’ll feel like hey, I need breast implants, you know, now. So, it’s a wonderful operation. It’s a therapeutic operation. The breasts actually look sexier afterwards. And, you know, people want to look great in clothes. They want to look great out of clothes as well, on a beach, wherever.