Plastic Surgery For Men

Men's Plastic Surgery


Dr. Kimberly Henry performs gynecomastia and a wide range of plastic surgery for men. Gynecomastia reduces excess tissue in the pectoral area, which can give men greater confidence when going shirtless. Other men's plastic surgery procedures include hair transplants and eyelid lifts.

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DR. HENRY: In general we have a large population of patients that are women. A lot of times the gentlemen will come feel comfortable coming to me because they don’t want to go and tell a buddy a - - plastic surgery, “I don’t like, you know, this.” ‘Cause they’re sort of embarrassed about. And so, sometimes they might feel a little more comfortable talking to us. Their main concerns are things like hair transplants. We do a lot of hair transplants. Eyes. A lot of times just doing a little eyelift. Gynecomastia, fullness in the chest area. Some men won’t even go to the beach and take off their shirt because they don’t want to have that area exposed. Stomach, again, flanks, real common. So, all those are different aspects of men and plastic surgery.