Melissa's Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery - Melissa's Review


After undergoing breast surgery, Melissa's review of her experience is extremely positive. She is ecstatic about her breast augmentation results, which gave her back her pre-pregnancy shape with "a little improvement." Melissa describes Dr. Henry as being very warm and professional.

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MELISSA: I wanted my breast augmentation done because I’ve had two children, and I wanted the body that I felt like suited me and so just to get things back to normal. A little improvement. That’s why I did it. When I came to Dr. Henry I was so excited because she not only listened to everything I wanted, but she’s such a professional. You know, she gave her input. She put everything out there, you know, listened to my questions. She was just very warm and just such a professional. You know, you want to come to someone who is going to listen to you and, you know, give their input not just listen to you and be like, “Okay, well, if you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t.” But I felt just really confident in how confident she was, and I’m just ecstatic. I’m so excited. You can change your hair. You know, you can change your makeup. You can change your clothes. Why not change what you can change on your body? I think we’re so blessed in this day in age to be able to do that. If we want to change something we can.