Greer's Eyelid Lift

Greer's Eyelid Lift Testimonial


In Greer's eyelid lift testimonial, she describes her experience with blepharoplasty surgery by Dr. Kimberly Henry. Greer was bothered by puffiness and dark circles around her eyes. She says she now looks younger and more refreshed, and she's thrilled with the results. She enjoys that people keep telling her she looks better, but they have no idea why!

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GREER: After years of buying pretty much any kind of skin creams, serum, power agent that I could find out there to try to help remove or reduce the puffiness and the dark circles under my eyes, I finally decided to look into a surgical option. I’d been reading New Beauty for awhile, and so I looked at that as a resource and found Dr. Henry. Came in. I felt immediately comfortable in the surroundings with the people who work here, with the front desk, the way that they treated patients from the moment you walk in the door. After my consultation she assured me that there was something I could do. In fact, it wouldn’t be a long recovery and not that painful. So, I told her that she could get me and ready for an event that I had upcoming, I was there. And I was scheduled for my surgery, I believe, within a week. A week and a half later I thought oh, my gosh, something has gone totally wrong. My eyes were super sensitive to the light when I go outside. It’s like actually hurting me. Maybe they cut some type of a nerve. And so, I came back in, and Dr. Henry is always great about taking appointments, even that same day especially if there’s something that’s concerning you. I came in only to find out that the reason why my eyes were more sensitive to light is more of the whites were showing than before because my eyelids had been lifted, the whole idea. I am thrilled with the results. If I had to do it every year, I would do it every year. People who have known me forever just think that I look better. I look more refreshed. I look younger. But they have no idea why. But I feel better about myself every day with or without makeup.