Female Rejuvenation



Dr. Kimberly Henry performs labiaplasty and female rejuvenation procedures. Some patients are unhappy with the appearance of the labia and want aesthetic improvement for enhanced symmetry and shape. Other women seek to tighten the vaginal area after childbirth to enhance their sexual experience.

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DR. HENRY: Because this is sort of what our society is about the female rejuvenation has become much more popular, much more out there, much more talked about. And there are aspects of female rejuvenation such as labiaplasty. You know, the inner lips of the female anatomy that are a concern to patients. They see the pictures that are on the internet. They see pictures in magazines. “Hey, I don’t quite look like, you know, what I’m seeing. I want to look more like what I’m seeing in these pictures.” And often times working on those areas and improving them aesthetically makes people more comfortable with their appearance in that area. Vaginal rejuvenation or actually tightening the vaginal area after pregnancies and deliveries a common operation these days too.