Facelift Can Help You Look and Feel Younger


If you are concerned about facial skin losing its youthful elasticity and smooth texture, you can achieve rejuvenation with a facelift. Dr. Kimberly Henry offers custom facelift surgery. She uses advanced techniques to give you beautiful results based on your specific goals.

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DR. HENRY: Turning 40, turning 50, turning 60 you get into the mode of hey, you know, I didn’t look like this three years ago. If you’re one of these, you know, pulling your face back in the middle of a mirror, it just gets to you. You know, aging’s tough. It’s tough for women. It is tough for men, but they age a little more gracefully. When they’re about 57 is when they start tugging up their face and saying, “Hey, I don’t like this.” The operation is easy to recover from. It just makes things look smoother, makes your skin look better. Just it’s a wonderful thing. When there’s different sort of degrees of a facelift. You can do a mini facelift like at, you know, age 36, 37 where you just tuck back on the skin a little bit or do an eyelid lift or raise the brow a little bit. Those little things you can start off with. Just tweaking a little bit. I have some people in entertainment that we help, and some of those people are having brow lifts at age 24. Some people want to be more natural. In northern California there are a lot more Earth mothers up there. “Hey, Dr. Henry, don’t make me look like someone down in Hollywood, man. You already look a little Hollywood. I don’t know if I want to look like you.” So, we took all that into consideration and do something that’s really beautiful for them. Because people want to look beautiful. They don’t want to look odd, or they don’t to look alien. They want to enhance what they already have, and you can do that with a facelift.