Erin's Liposuction Experience

Body Contouring: Erin's Liposuction Experience


Liposuction can help patients achieve lean contours through targeted fat reduction and body contouring. Erin's liposuction experience at Dr. Kimberly Henry's cosmetic surgery practice provided many benefits. She was self-conscious about her upper arms and outer thighs, but feels much more confident now.

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ERIN: I had liposuction on my outer thighs and my arms. I had it done because I’ve always had big arms my whole life. They weren’t, you know, really big, but I was a really good candidate for the surgery. And then I had my outer thighs done because no matter how hard I worked out, I still had that just fat there that wouldn’t go away. So, I found out that it was heredity. Dr. Henry and I discussed it, and she said that liposuction would be perfect for me. That I’m young enough, and it just turned out really great. I sit here and talk to people about the procedure every day. I’m in the office every day with the patients. And it was different going through it because now I have that experience to share with my patients. I can tell them this is what’s going to happen. I’ve been through it. And I can tell them from like a more personal level. My recovery was great. I took off. I was off Friday for my surgery, and then I came back to work on Tuesday, and the recovery time was amazing.