Breast Augmentation

Enhance Your Curves with Breast Augmentation


Dr. Kimberly Henry provides patients with breast augmentation results that look and feel amazingly natural. She employs the most advanced, effective surgical techniques. Dr. Henry will take close note of your goals to help you achieve the bust line you desire.

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DR. HENRY: Breast augmentation is the number one operation in the United States and in the world and South America, in Europe. It’s very common these days. Women have it if they’ve had two or three children they’ve breastfed. I have 16 year old kids in high school that are coming in for breast enhancement. People want to look great. The standard these days is to have sort of a fuller looking breast. Some of the young patients we have in their 20s and 30s are going quite full, almost a size D. Some will say in their 40s or 50s they’re going a little bit more conservative, maybe size C. We have saline implants, and we have silicone. They’re both available now to patients, especially if you’re over the age of 22 you can have the silicone implants. The operation itself takes a couple hours. It’s under anesthesia. You go home. You can relax for three or four days. Take it easy. I’ve had some people return to work the next day, but that’s not really recommended. You want to take some time off. No working out for about six weeks. Summertime’s a nice time to do it because people want to look great in their bathing suits, but they can’t swim for about six weeks afterwards. So, they have to be careful about when they decide when that it’s going to be done.