Amy's Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants: Amy's Testimonial


For those considering breast implants, Amy's testimonial may be inspiring. She calls her breast enhancement "a dream come true." Amy appreciated Dr. Kimberly Henry's communication style and feels there is a benefit in having a female plastic surgeon perform breast enhancement surgery.

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AMY: Well, I had a breast augmentation and enhancement, and it was wonderful. Beyond all my expectations. A dream come true. When I came here for my consultation, and it was amazing. What I liked about Dr. Henry was that she was there with me deciding what procedure would be best. She told me what the safest most successful route would be for my unique body and for my specific case. She knew from a professional standpoint as a doctor who has studied this for years and years and years and through all her experience knew what incision would be best, what implant would be best for my body too, and that was definitely a selling point for me. On top of that, she’s a woman, and that’s very comforting because I don’t think a man could understand a lot of the concerns that a woman would have for her body image and the final results. And who best to do that than another woman?